Fort Mahcy

First off, the name of the place I’m going to be working out at for the next 6 weeks is Fort Marcy, not Fort Mahcy, though, this is my page, and I can make the word sound however I want. All kidding aside, the Fort Marcy Recreation Center is one to talk about. I just got access for four weeks for 23 bucks!. Regardless of the cost, I must say that the facility easily rivals any YMCA I have ever been to. There is a pool, weight room, cardiovascular equipment, and many classes and instructors willing to help one in the quest for physical fitness at any moment. Nothing should be taken away from Fort Marcy. I was as impressed with the facility as I was with the people willing to converse and help in any way possible. Since reading this will probably make one feel as though all I did was describe the atmosphere, here is a list of the equipment in the weight room.

1.) One incline bench, one straight bench with barbell, 2 flat benches without.
2.) 2 squat racks, one unassisted, one assisted*.
*I should also say that the assisted squat rack can easily serve as an assisted benching mechanism
3.) Dumbbells ranging in weight from 5 – 100 lbs.
4.) 2 adjustable benches meant for abdominal exercise.
5.) Leg Press
6.) Cable Rack with an additional pull up bar(This is a rack that has cables on both sides, accompanied with a large gap in between to allow adjustable attachments to be used; such as those attachments that work one’s lower back and require a human to sit with extended legs as the exercise is performed).
7.) Cable Pull down mechanism separate from the cable rack.
8.) Miscellaneous: Three abdominal machines immediately outside of the weightroom, triceps machine, bicep bars, leg extension/curl mechanisms, and hip abduction/adduction mechanisms.
9.) This place is sick!!!!!


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