Kristen’s First Run in Santa Fe

Today was the first nice, dry, semi-free day that we’ve had since we’ve been in Santa Fe. I decided to spend a little bit of my afternoon running. It started out great… it was beautiful, and there was little traffic. As I ran I noticed myself dodging a lot of trash buckets on the sidewalks. I’ll try to avoid running on the night before trash pickup from now on.

I decided to stick to familiar areas to run in, but it was still quite beautiful with the mountains in the background and the warm sun lighting up the landscape. Running was utterly enjoyable for a good fifteen minutes, but then the altitude started to get to me, but walking a small amount of the distance was great too. In fact, it resulted in more time to take in the scenery and the environment.

I generally never run with a water bottle, but I learned my lesson from this short run. I hope my next run will be slightly more successful and longer.


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