Our first trip to Saint Michael’s Drive

Saint Michael’s Drive… it is exactly what I expected.  Saint Michael’s Drive is almost completely inaccessible unless you have a car, want to wait around for the unreliable Santa Fe public transit, or you want to pay $20 each way for a taxi.  The seven lanes of traffic are manageable on foot if you wait for the cross walk signals, but I felt like each time I was crossing the street could have been the last time ever crossing a street.

When the nice taxi man first brought us to the street you can’t even tell at a glance what stores are in the individual strip malls because of the small signage and the malls were set so far back from the road.  The taxi dropped us off in a huge parking lot, and we proceeded to take pictures of the madness. 

After grabbing a bite to eat, we walked around for a while and went to Kmart.  There was a lack of pedestrians walking on the street, and after visiting the street, I am not at all surprised.  After Kmart, we waited around for the bus for a while even though we had no clue which stop to wait at or what time the bus would come.  Eventually, we got tired of waiting and we called the taxi cab.  The same nice taxi man brought us home to Alarid Street.

On our journey home, we talked to the taxi driver.  He has not been living in Santa Fe for that long, but even he could tell us Saint Michael’s Drive is not a well organized street and it is almost impossible for any human to easily move about Saint Michael’s Drive with or without a car.

After seeing Saint Michael’s Drive in person, I am 100 times more motivated to get moving with our project.  Something needs to be done, and our group is here to get the ball rolling. 


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