A Day Trip to Albuquerque

Today is March 27th 2010, my 20th birthday. I didn’t remind anybody of it, and it wasn’t on facebook neither. When the renu team told us that they would go to Albuquerque today, my hand was up. Well, I have to say, this is totally an interesting trip.

Outside the Albuquerque Train Station

Initially we were going to this botany garden. We took the morning train (not really, it departed at 11am) from Santa Fe Depot to ABQ. After we got off the train, we were walking on this street, and it’s gorgeous!

The gorgeous street

Well, the main reason I think it’s gorgeous is it has a variety of restaurants! I was talking to an old friend of mine the other day. He was surprised that I had Spanish food for only once – at Disney LOL. He told me to try it, and I set EAT SPANISH FOOD as one of my birthday goal. We walked all the way down the street to figure out what we are gonna have for lunch. Ho Fong apparently liked this Asian Noodle Bar, but there was a Spanish place next to it. I requested to eat Spanish food. The boys didn’t seem eagerly for Asian cuisine. So I walked to the door of the Spanish place (I totally couldn’t remember the name of it, sorry =( ), and the price on the menu is affordable for us. At that moment, there was an old lady leaving the restaurant, and she smiled at us saying “The food is great here!” We listened to her.

Tacos with Coleslaw, and a smashed potato

Picture above is what I have ordered. It was a special. So if you order an entree, it would come with two sides and a fountain drink. I’m pretty sure that I paid around 10 dollars for this meal. It was delicious! I changed my mind about spanish food now. I will try T Sam’s after I’m back to Worcester.

The meal was awesome. But for our destination – the botany garden, we never found the place, never. Well, next time I go to ABQ, I will get the right address online in advance. Listening to the iPhone (mine) or Android (Andrew’s) sometimes might not be a perfect idea.

The Museum

The pictures left is a museum we walked by during this marathon.


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