De Vargas Middle School Students

On Tuesday of this past week, we went to De Vargas Middle School here in Santa Fe, which is located just off St Mike’s, to work with students who are a part of the GUTS program.  GUTS stands for Growing Up Thinking Scientifically, and encourages students who are interested in science and math to attend an after school program to further their interest.  Both our group and the Renewable Energy group took students out on St. Michaels Drive, but my post will focus on what we did with the kids.

Initially we gave a presentation in the classroom regarding exactly what our project aims to accomplish.  After we familiarized the kids with our work, we took a field trip out to St. Michaels to give the students an opportunity to work with us.  We gave them some of our surveys and asked them a few questions about their preferences when it comes to St. Mikes, and then we had them document things that they liked or disliked.  They were provided digital cameras and GPS devices to take pictures and save locations of things they felt strongly about.  We provided them a form to document each thing they liked, and though we had little time, the trip went pretty well overall.

I instantly became friendly with one particular student, Angel, because he is a defensive football player similar to myself.  Essentially he’s smart, funny, and good looking :).  We talked for awhile and I think the group as a whole enjoyed the students we took out.

Next Tuesday, April 6th, we will again interact with the students in hopes of helping our project along.  We have some new ideas for activities, including using the students to help inventory the variety of business types along St. Mikes, as well as a cognitive mapping activity we can do in the classroom.  We enjoyed our time this week and are looking forward to working with the kids to not only further their interest in science, but also to help our project accomplish the objectives we have set.  There will be an update next week!


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