Marble Brewery Tap Room

After working out on Monday afternoon at the Fort Marcy complex, I decided the best way to savor the workout was have a few drinks at the Plaza.  Probably not the best thing for muscle recovery, but screw it.  After making the decision to take a little time for myself, it was time to find a bar.

The Marble Brewery Tap Room is a bar that offers it’s own beers that are actually quite good.  I have stuck with the Wildflower Wheat and Marble IPA thus far, and haven’t had an issue with either.  Pints are reasonably priced at $4.50 each, adding to the appeal of the bar.  They also offer growlers, 22 ouncers, free samples, and a smaller than pint glass size I’m not particularly interested in.  Located right in the plaza area of downtown Santa Fe, just a stones throw from St. Francis cathedral, the bar is located on the second floor, with an outdoor patio that overlooks the plaza and has heated lamps for comfort.  They don’t only offer beer, they also offer pizza, which is supposed to be quite good; though I’ve never had a bite (I’m more of a drinker than a food connoisseur at bars).

To supplement the great beer, there is also a real good vibe in the bar.  The bartenders are friendly (and cute), and the customers are even more so.  I found myself having a laugh with a guy who just recently decided to live in the city again after having gone to the mountains to live the life of a “free” man.  He said he got tired of having his bones hurt, which is understandable.  Next to him was a security guard that had the best delivery of any joke teller I’ve heard in a while.  As soon as he sat down he says “Hey did you hear about Congress?”  “They’re all amazed at the size of Obama’s package!”  The print doesn’t do the delivery justice, and he literally had both the free man and me in stitches.

I can’t say enough about this bar because I have enjoyed myself thoroughly both times I have been.  As with most places in Santa Fe, the people are super friendly and the service is great.  Something about this place has a hold on me that I really like.  Everyone says hello and is willing to have a conversation with you, and it seems as though judgments are reserved, if they even exist.


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