Best street in Santa Fe

Although my team is now helping the city to redevelop St. Michael’s Drive, I have fallen in love with North Guadalupe Street. It is THE most convenient street in Santa Fe that I have ever walked. There is everything you can possibly ask for, and maybe more.

If you access this street via State Route 22 a.k.a Agua Fria (please look at our presentation if you don’t know what Agua Fria is, or … Google it :D), you will reach a very beautiful public space. Facing north, on the left side you will find Guadalupe Church with its unique architecture and Santa Fe river right below. Although this river is only a tiny stream now, it has been flowing remarkably strong for two days. I seriously suspect the crazy wind lately has something to do with this fact. Anyway, on the other side of the street resides the De Vagas public park and its typical inhabitants – the migrant workers. Such a vast and refreshing area!!!! I wonder if this was the very spot of the Santa Fe River Valley where Pedro de Peralta and his men settled down in 1610.

<— Guadalupe Church —>

From this point upto North Guadalupe’s intersection with Pedro de Peralta Street, you will find everything you need for your daily life: Century Bank, CVS, UPS store, a very cheap and delicious Chinese restaurant (more on this later), LOTABURGER, and a chain of approximately 10 stores, including Panda Express and Hasting Bookstore, and 1 big mall with literally everything right at the intersection mentioned above (See picture below)

Last but not least, a walk along this street always refreshes me after all the overwhelming meetings we have during the day. It is quite pedestrian friendly too with a wide enough pavement; the part which is hard to walk on lasts  for 150-feet near Thai Cafe. Besides, it only has from two to four lanes of traffic, so I always feel like there are enough people watching over me as I walk, yet not as dangerous and busy as in St. Michael’s Drive. I enjoy the view of the Santa Fe National Cemetery along the way too =) Let see if we can make a parallel case study out of this street regarding the redevelopment of St. Mike’s.


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