Izmi Sushi Bar

I found a great Japanese restaurant in Santa Fe here! Izmi Sushi Bar, located at 720 Saint Michael’s Drive, is absolutely delicious and affordable with sweet dining environment. I wasn’t very hungry that day, and therefore I only ordered a Shrimp Tempura. Yummy! =)

Shrimp Tempura at Izmi

Izmi Sushi Bar has a variety of sushi choices come with different prices. California Roll, Rainbow Maki, Tempura Roll, Spider Roll…etc. They are definitely worth trying!

I found the place because I had a physical test at the same complex. But this location is accessible by public transit, which is Route 4 I believe. The bus stop is right next to the complex at 720 Saint Michael’s Drive. Don’t worry about the limitation of only one Izmi, because there are Chow’s Asian Bistro (Great food, but kind of expensive), Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, as well as a pizza place. People can shop here for groceries and office supplies too. There are big supermarkets in this complex.


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