Cow Girl BBQ

It’s always nice to experience a place that doesn’t meet expectations.

The Cow Girl BBQ was not all it has been talked up to be.   Though I did not experience the food, the bartenders and service people certainly did not meet expectations.  I may be considered a stickler, but given that, I can not condemn the Cowgirl as a proper bar.   The service was less than spectacular, and the crowd was equally disappointing.  I met one solid inidiviudal, and it was a male.

The Cowgirl BBQ was a decent venue for artists, but the sound was not up to par.   It may have been a lousy sound man, but my instincts lead me to believe that the venue itself was not conducive to the artistic creation of the band.  Whatever the problem was, the Cowgirl was not a good place to attend.  Granted they do have a pool hall, however, this evening the billiard room was closed.  Whether it be Good Friday, Easter Sunday, or In Between Saturday, the billiards were dead and the competition was non existent, along with the musical talent and satisfactory experience.

This certainly reads as a critical exposition of the Cow Girl BBQ, but after experiencing the place, I can honestly say that it is not worth attending as a bar.

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