ABC Patty Burger at Flying Star

The other day, I went to Flying Star for lunch. (Yes, you are right. I, accurately we, frequent Flying Star very often.) I was hesitating in front of the cashier. It’s always a tough decision to make orders! The young waiter, who was washing a glass, recommended this ABC Patty Burger to me. It was also a bonus that Milk Shake, regularly 4.99 dollars, would be only 2 dollars with the order of a burger. Well, that waiter helped me this time too. He suggested me to order strawberry flavor. It was such a nice meal!

Strawberry Milk Shake

Lunch at Flying Star

Some bonuses at Flying Star:

1. Tuesday after 5pm: Free Dessert with an Entree!

2. Wednesday Free Drinks with the Meal Order (In Flying Star, soda drinks can be refilled all the time, but red stuff, lemonade, and ice tea will not be refilled. Red stuff is the best one!)




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