Nghia Hoang

"On top of a mountain" <– This is me in 2007, on top of one of the highest mountains in Sapa, Vietnam. Cool place :D –>

Hi everyone!!! Thank you for coming all the way here to learn about me. My name is Nghia Hoang, although I would love to be called Lim for your convenience. Originally from Hanoi, Vietnam, I’m now a sophomore at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts as the other three in my team, studying Computer Science (and a few other things). Therefore by default, I’m in charge of this blog. So if you have any question and/or comment and/or suggestion regarding our little webpage, please let me know.

As people often say “House can reveal a lot about its occupant”, I believe a few things about myself could be read off the layout of this blog. I find beauty in simplicity, and I have been trying really hard to be a minimalist. However, as a non-native English speaker, clarity is my first priority when it comes to expression and appearance. I hate being misunderstood in serious context more than anything in this life.

Since you may have already known about the purpose of my stay in Santa Fe from other pages in this blog, I won’t repeat it here. I just want to say that … I LOVE THIS CITY. So if you are interested, please be sure to check back this page regularly for the links to new entries I am going to write about these exciting two months.

Sincerely, Nghia Hoang.


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WPI Urban Planning Team

Santa Fe Term D 2010

WPI Logo

WPI Logo

Team Info: Information about our team and the project

Individual Info Information about our team members and their individual entries archive

Mission Statement

The ultimate goal of this project is to assist the City of Santa Fe in establishing baselines of the current state of Saint Michael’s Drive and providing tools to visualize the future redevelopment of the area.

Project Objectives

To accomplish this goal, four objectives were developed that would lead to the most ideal redevelopment design that meets the set targets and goals. The objectives are:

1. Collect, organize, and integrate Saint Michael’s Drive data.

2. Identify relevant issues and local preferences.

3. Identify measurable indicators to assess current and future designs.

4. Visualize impacts of current and future designs.

Important Pages

1. HowTo: A Quick Guide to our Blog

2. Proposal (submitted to advisor, 3/22/2010)

3. Presentation (final, updated 05/05/2010)

4. Announcement

     • 03/21/2010:

     _ Moving from Blogspot to Wordpress

     • 03/24/2010:

     _ Proposal submitted, 03/22/2010. Online version posted.

     • 05/05/2010:

     _ Final Presentation Uploaded, 05/05/2010. Click here to view.

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