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Appendix A

Appendix B

1.     ¡YouthWorks!  

Santa Fe ¡YouthWorks!  is a nonprofit organization that serves disadvantaged and at risk youth in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico.  They specialize in a full spectrum of culturally appropriate programs that assist high-risk youth—predominantly Hispanic and Native American—to develop job skill training, build educational skills, and develop healthy attitudes and behaviors necessary to assure a successful future.  ¡YouthWorks! has numerous programs that focus on environmental issues such as sustainability and conservation, and currently serves more than 3,000 children, youth, and young adults. We will incorporate ¡YouthWorks! into the redevelopment of St. Michael’s by working closely with members to refine the methods with which we will conduct our field observations.  The “barrio” is within walking distance of St. Michael’s Drive, therefore the input of ¡YouthWorks! members from that area will not only help our redevelopment project, but it will also serve to revitalize the troubled community that they come from.[i]

[i] ¡YouthWorks!. Youth programs. 2010 [cited March 18 2010].



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WPI Urban Planning Team

Santa Fe Term D 2010

WPI Logo

WPI Logo

Team Info: Information about our team and the project

Individual Info Information about our team members and their individual entries archive

Mission Statement

The ultimate goal of this project is to assist the City of Santa Fe in establishing baselines of the current state of Saint Michael’s Drive and providing tools to visualize the future redevelopment of the area.

Project Objectives

To accomplish this goal, four objectives were developed that would lead to the most ideal redevelopment design that meets the set targets and goals. The objectives are:

1. Collect, organize, and integrate Saint Michael’s Drive data.

2. Identify relevant issues and local preferences.

3. Identify measurable indicators to assess current and future designs.

4. Visualize impacts of current and future designs.

Important Pages

1. HowTo: A Quick Guide to our Blog

2. Proposal (submitted to advisor, 3/22/2010)

3. Presentation (final, updated 05/05/2010)

4. Announcement

     • 03/21/2010:

     _ Moving from Blogspot to Wordpress

     • 03/24/2010:

     _ Proposal submitted, 03/22/2010. Online version posted.

     • 05/05/2010:

     _ Final Presentation Uploaded, 05/05/2010. Click here to view.

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